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3cx Phone System

3CX Configuration Scenario
Starting with 2008, Romvex has become official partner of 3CX, developer of a phone system for Windows.

3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based IP PBX which replaces a traditional personalized hardware and which has been developed for Windows and which is SIP standard based – making it easy to be managed and allowing the use of SIP software and hardware phones
Key features of 3CX Phone System:

  • 3CX Phone System is perfectly compatible with IP Phone Grandstream BT-100 and ATA adapter Grandstream HT-488 that we have in our offer and also is compatible with the VOIP services mentioned below for which we are resellers.
  • Unlimited extensions and phone lines, configurable wherever there is an internet connection. No need for phisical expansion modules. It requires only a computer with Windows on which the server should be installed (if the configuration requires external extensions over the internet, it might require that the computer has a public IP address)..
  • Any extension can dial standard PSTN calls (Romtelecom, RDS, etc) using VOIP Gateways HT-488. All the calls received on a PSTN line can be automatically redirected to any extension: a call received on the classic landline at Bacău can be easily redirected to an extension in Bucharest.
  • Complete phone system: Provides call switching, routing and queueing. Auto attendant (e.g. 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.)
  •  Reduces with 100% inter office call costs and with up to 80% international call costs which can be done via VOIP accounts.
  • Purchase cost is dramatically lower than a traditional PBX hardware. There is also a FREE version which can be downloaded from the Internet (
  • Easy installation and administration via Web interface!
  • Unified messaging: Receive voice mail via e-mail
  • Eliminates the phone wiring and make moving offices easier – phnes use the computer network. An extension can be easily moved from Bucharest to Chisinau by simply moving the IP phone.
  • Up to 128 simultaneous calls (on paid versions)
  • Allows use of certain RDS/Romtelecom lines in your company for national calls initiaded from offices all over the country or abroad
  • Allows use of few VOIP accounts for international calls initiated from offices all over the country or abroad

Take a product tour or download the free edition today and break free from your proprietary PBX!