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Grandstream HT-488

Grandstream Handytone HT488 is a next generation VOIP adapter based on SIP standards. This device has 2 RJ45 (LAN/WAN) ports and features an integrated router with NAT and DHCP functions. More important, beside these 2 ports, HT-488 adaptor integrates an FXS port which can be connected to any dect phone / central and a port which can be connected to the classical telephony provider (RDS/ROMTELECOM).

In the VOIP devices page you can find the VOIP applications which can be replaced by this device.

Using this device has more advangates:

- eliminates the necessity of using a computer for making VOIPO calls

- significantly reduces the network traffic generated by the VOIP call and improves the sound quality

- the same dect phone (wired or wireless) or central can be used both for making VOIP, direct IP or local calls and for receiving direct IP and local calls.

Having a dect phone (central) connected to this device, you can make the following types of calls:

- VOIP calls (default): after you pick up the receiver, simply dial the phone number you wish to call. This call is made via VOIP at the rates displayed on our site. The device must be configured with an account (username, password and SIP server) previously loaded with at least 10 Euro.

- direct IP calls: after you pick up the receiver, press twice the button on the device and dial the public IP address you wish to call if a compatible devices has that IP addres, or you dial the public IP address followed by the port if the called device is beneath a router. This call is absolutely free of charge.

- calls through classic phone line: after you pick up the receiver, pres # (or any other key combination you set up previously), you get the classic phone line dialtone and you can dial the number you wish to call. This call is made through clasic phone line at the rates of the classic phone line supplyer.

Having a dect phone (central) connected to this device, you can receive the calls made to::

- the phone number associated with classcal phone line.

- the IP address (port) the device is configured with

This device feature s routing function between the classical phone line and VOIP. Suppose you have this device already configured in Bucharest, connected to the internet and to 0211234567 classical phone number. You are on vacation at Brasov and you have to make a longer period call to America. You call the phone number you have in Bucharest (0211234567), then, after a predefined number of calls (on which there was no answer), the devices responds and asks you to enter a pin code after which you will receive a VOIP tone. All you have to do is dial the US number ou want to call and this way you can make a local distance call at the price of a local call plus the price of the VOIP call.