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Grandstream BudgeTone 100

BudgeTone BT-100 is a next generation VOIP phone with multiple features and a superb audio quality. This device has a LAN (RJ45) port, a 12 digits disply, 25 function keys and a jack where you can connect a headset. This phone is ideal for callshops, hotels and also for setting up an internal phone network given their feature of making direct IP calls.

In VOIP devices page you can find the applicatiosn which can be replaced by this phone.

Some of the advantages of using this phone are:

- eliminating the necessity of using a computer for making VOIPO calls

- reducing significantly the network traffic generated by the VOIP call and improving the sound quality

Once registered with a VOIP account, wherever in the world where there is a wired LAN connection to connect your phone to the Internet, when you pick up the receiver you will get a VOIP dial ton and then you can simply dial the phone number you wish to call. This call is made through VOIP at the rates displayed on our website. This device must be configured with an account (username, password, SIP server) which was previously topped up with at least 10 Euro.