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The advantages of VOIP calls are given both by the very good quality and the extreme low cost of the calls.

On Rates page you can find the rates for each application for landline and mobile destination all over the world. The cost of a 10 Euro credit is 51 RON (VAT included) and you will receive an invoice or fiscal note for it. You can top ap any sum which can be divided by 10.

Every time you buy credit you will receive a maximum of 120 days* period in which you can call with absolutely no charge the destinations marked as FREE for the application you use, within a limit of maximum 300 minutes* calculated always for the last 7 days period. After this FREE days period or after you call more than the free minutes calculated for the last 7 days period, you will be charged according to normal rates, mostly of 1 cent/minute. This way, with 51 RON you can call the destinations marked as FREE up to

120 days FREE * 300 minutes / 7 days + 1000 cents * 1cent/minute = 6142 minutes

resulting a final cost of 51/6142 = 0.0083 RON/minute

SIP calls page provide you with information about how you can use a SIP device in order to make calls, without needing a computer. Also, there you can find the VOIP applications which can be replaced by VOIP devices.

Calls made from webpage page describes how you can initiate calls from the webpage by calling two phone numbers and connecting them. Also, you can find here the applications that provide you with this feature.

Calls made from software client page provides you with information on how you can initiate calls using the client software installed on your computer and also presents the applications which have software clients to be downloade from the Internet and used.

Sending SMS page presents a special offer for sending SMS's at very low rates.

Below, you can find links towards the sites of all VOIP applications for which we can top up accounts or generate vouchers: