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If you already have an user account, with the username and password you can log onto application website. Once your authenticated, here you can find details about your purchases, the calls you have made and their costs, you cand send SMS's or, via phone-to-phone option, you can make calls.

It is very simple to call via web: you have to type in two phone numbers - your phone number and the phone number you want to call. When you press on Call, your phone will start to ring. When you answer, the connection between the two calls will be made and you will hear the other phone ringing (like you would've called from your phone).

Scenario: You are at a hotel in Austria, you have a lowratevoip account and you want to call Romania landline. You go to the Internet connected computer at the reception of the hotel and then go to, and then to sign in page where you insert the username and the password. After you are authenticated, go to phone-to-phone section. Aske the receptionist to provide you with the hotel phone number and insert this one in the first field (your phone number). In the second field, insert the Romanian phone number you want to call and then click on Call. The phone at the hotel will start to ring. When you will answer, the phone from Romania will start to ring and you will hear this into the receiver. Assuming you made a 20 minutes call, its cost can vary between

0x20 (Austria) + 0x20 (Romania) + 5 (connection fee) = 5 cents from the credit you have, and this is the case when you still have freedays and freeminutes, and

1x20 (Austria) + 1x20 (Romania) +5 (connection fee) = 45 cents from the credit you have, and this is the case in which you have no more free days or free minutes.

This way, the amount you have to pay for the call is given by the sum between the two calls plus a connection fee which can vary between 0 and 5 cents.

On Rates webpage, you cand find the rates of the applications which provide support for calls initiated from the Webpage. Below, you cand find links towards the sites of these applications.