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Although almost all VOIP applications were designed to be used with software client installed on your computer, most of them provide SIP support so that the calls can be initiated from an VOIP adapter or VOIP telephone.

What are the advantages of using a SIP device? First of all, it offers a much greater quality of sound and lowers the trafic load compared to software clients. Second, wherever you are on the planet, if you have such a device and a lan wired Internet connection, all you have to do is pick up the receiver and dial the number to call wherever you want, at the same lowest rates.

VOIP devices section provedes you with more detailed information about the VOIP devices we have on stock. These devices are perfectly compatible with the SIP services of VOIP applications and the settings you have to make are available on the website of each application which provides SIP support..

On the Rates page you will find a table with all the VOIP applications which provide SIP support and their rates for destinations all over the world.

Below, there are links towards all the VOIP applications providing SIP support:

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