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For all the VOIP applications except Nonoh and SipDiscount, the calls can be initiated from the software client which can be freely downloaded and installed on your computer. For this, you need a computer and a minimum 128kbs Internet connection.

If you do not have an user account, we recommend you the following steps:

1. Consult the rate list in order to see which one of the VOIP application are the most economic with respect to the phonecalls you intend to make

2. Go to the application's website, then go to the download page, download and install the application.

3. Immediately after installing the application, you will be prompted to choose an username and a password, and also an email address for password recovery.

4. After you have chosen an unique username and you have logged in, all you have to do is top up the account and start calling.

Once you created an username and you chose a password, you can use these in order to authenticate on your page on the application website. Here, you can see, for example, what calls you have made and at what costs, or you can initiate calls from the webpage.

On the Rates page, you can find the rates of the application for which you can initiate calls using the software client installed on the computer.

If you want to access an application site, please click on its icon below: