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Grandstream direct importer

In order to help VOIP users, especially the companies, starting with 2007 we became Grandstream direct importer. For now, we have two products on stock, products which we considered to be the most representative and useful.

Analogic adapter Grandstream HT-488 allows using the same dect phone or central with both the classic phone landline (RDS, Romtelecom) in order to receive or make local phonecalls, and with a VOIP line for making local and international phone calls. In HT-488 section you can find more details about this device and configuration scenarios.

Grandstream BT-101 is a VOIP phone which connects directly to the Internet. It can be configured with a SIP account and you can make calls using it, at the same lowest rates no matter what country you are in if you have a LAN connection, withouth needing any computer. You can also make calls direct to an IP address, absolutely free of charge, if at the IP address there is such a phone or compatible VOIP adapter configured. More details in BT-101 section.

These devices can replace the following VOIP applications:

FreecallInternetCallsNetAppelPoivySipDiscountSparVoipVoipBusterVoipBusterProVoipCheap VoipDiscountVoipStuntWebCallDirect

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